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Hiring the right home inspector is one of the most important decisions when purchasing a home. This will likely be the largest single investment you make in your lifetime. Ensuring that your investment is sound should be a top priority. When you choose Peak Home Inspection, you get a highly qualified and knowledgeable Home Inspector with over 20 years of experience as a contractor in all facets of construction, remodeling, and home inspection. We understand the contruction and remodeling process much better than a typical home inspector. Through our years of experience in remodeling, we have learned what to look for to discover the typical "patch job" that homeowners do over the years to cover up problems. In addition, because of our background, not only can we find and diagnose the problem areas, but we can offer both the buyer and seller accurate recommendations for repairs as well as rough costs of those repairs. We have found this to be a huge benefit to both parties as it eases the fears created by many home inspection reports that seem much more extensive...and expensive that what they generally turn out to be.

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